Charcuterie - Fra' Mani Toscano Salame, 2.5 oz

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Inspired by Tuscan tradition, this salame is seasoned with red wine, black pepper, garlic, and sea salt. Perfectly pre-sliced.

Dry aged ~42 days

Keep refrigerated

Pairs with:

Full-bodied Sangiovese; good extra virgin olive oil; Pecorino Romano

About Fra'Mani

Fra' Mani are creators of delicious food inspired by the flavors, techniques, traditions, and culture of Italy. While they major in salumi, there are a few other menu items they couldn't help but make.

Fra' Mani was launched in Berkeley, California in 2006 by acclaimed chef and cookbook author Paul Bertolli. As much as some things change, others don't. They still call Berkeley home and Paul still oversees the making as he brings that same creative and maniacal attention to artistry and flavor that only a chef can bring.

Fra' Mani believes that there's a right way and a wrong way of doing things. That means treating time like a key ingredient because you can't rush delicious. That means sourcing the highest-quality ingredients from the best purveyors on earth. Family farms committed to land, animals, people and a better food system for all. That means humanely-raised. That means no antibiotics, artificial growth hormones, or meat by-products...ever. That means committing to the most sustainable practices possible to ensure that they’re doing their part.

As they say, “we only live on one planet and we all only get one life. So let’s spend as much time on it as possible with family, friends, and delicious food.”