Sabatino Tartufi Truffle Risotto

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A ready to make truffle risotto prepared in an all-in-one pouch will give you a professional result in 20 minutes. One box can be either served as a single entree or will serve two people as a side dish.

Size: 6.2 0z.

About Sabatino Tartufi

THE TREASURE OF THE FOREST: Hunting for truffles in the woods with the help of dogs, preparation of the truffles following traditional recipes, conserving them simply yet at the same time keeping all their quality, taste and aroma. Over the many years since 1911, the family of Sabatino and Giuseppina has gained vast experience in this difficult and delicate enterprise. SHARING THIER EXPERIENCE: After many years of work, constant growth and great intuition, the Balestra's decided that the truffle, its unique flavor, its aroma, could not just be shared with fellow townsmen and the people of the nearby cities. From that moment, the world began to discover the experience of Sabatino’s truffles.