Corbières Sur Pilotis 2021, Château Montfin

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The focus here is a fresh, light red that conveys the Mediterranean climate and is suited to lively cafes or surreptitious sipping on nature walks. That quaffable quality is doubled with a slight chill, which enhances the bright acidity and further broadens its food pairing possibilities. While the 60% Old Carignan gives it a decidedly Iberian feel, the extremely French, carbonic-macerated Syrah alters the course with bright, poppy fruit. These two disparate tones are brought to harmony by a dollop of Grenache, which balances everything out with distinct Mediterranean herbal notes. It’s fresh and floral in a way that just screams springtime!

About the Winery

Château Montfin sits in the heart of Corbières in the ancient commune of Peyriac-de-Mer. The name, “sur pilotis,” refers to the stilts and boards that townsfolk have used to cross the lagoons that surround the village since it was first established during the Iron age. Just like the French and the Spanish influences, two distinct wind patterns combine along the coast to keep the region temperate and gorgeous.

The story of Château Montfin tells of passion, together with falling in love with the jewel of Corbière that is Peyriac de Mer. This small village is full of narrow medieval streets and its square is shaded by majestic plane trees. Walking through the countryside, you cannot resist the imposing arid limestone plateaus that descend all the way to the lagoons, and the scents of the garrigues that blend with spindrift as one approaches the water.

The domain covers approximately 125 acres, of which 50 are planted to vine. The rest is a mix of garrigue, almond, olive and truffle oak plantations providing a whole panoply of aromas. The vineyards are planted with traditional grape varieties, as well as the best complimentary varieties known as “improvers." In this way, Carignan, Grenache, Syrah, Mourvèdre, and Cinsault varieties constitute the red and rosé wines, while the whites are a combination of Roussane, Grenache Blanc, and Vermentino. The plots of vines at Chateau Montfin are divided into those with light colored soil, and those with red soil colored by iron oxides.

Château Montfin works in close communion with the plant, studying it closely in order to constantly adapt their methods according to nature. Biodynamic cultivation principles are applied to the preparation of treatments (decoctions, liquid manure...) to protect the vines. They are equally attentive to the structure of the vine applying only a light physiological pruning accompanied by the removable of excess buds in springtime.