Dry Brachetto "Anthos," Matteo Correggia, 2021

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"Anthos" means flowers in the Piedmontese dialect, and this wine definitely lives up to its name! A very light-bodied red wine, loaded with tart fruit and floral beauty, we think it's best when served with a slight chill. Pairs great with seafood, light pasta, chicken, and pork!

This wine is made from a grape called Brachetto, and very few producers make this grape into a non-sparkling, dry wine. It's far more often crafted into a slightly fizzy, sweet red wine—Moscato's red counterpart. But this wine is completely dry. It's an amazing food wine, but can also be a pre-dinner aperitivo. What the heck, maybe even put a little orange twist in it!

About the Winery

Matteo Correggia was a true visionary in Roero, Italy. He saw the potential of his land before many others and worked hard to put it on the map. Although Matteo passed away many years ago, his children and widow have taken over the family business, and his son, Giovanni, now runs the show!

Roero is a small town to the north of the more famous Piedmont wine regions, Barolo and Barbaresco, but more importantly, it is on the other side of the Po river, and its soils are much younger. Even more importantly, those soils are loaded with sand. And seashells! When you come to the store, ask us about the seashells we saw when we visited this wonderful place in 2013. Sand has a tendency to bring out the aromatics of wine grapes, especially when compared with the clay soils of Barolo and Barbaresco. So even though the grapes grown in this commune are the same ones grown in other parts of northern Italy, their expression is more exuberant, and in our eyes, more enticing!