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Fregola has very ancient origins, dating back millennia, and is intimately linked to the island of Sardinia in Italy. It is often compared to couscous, the only difference being that the latter is steamed and the fregola is cooked in water. It is one of the most important symbols of island tradition. Its rough texture and consistency suit various types of sauces and dishes, which vary from one region of the island to another.

Uses: The most famous Sardinian recipe made with this type of pasta is Fregola with clams (Fregola alle vongole), an excellent and typical first course, especially in southern Sardinia. Throughout Sardinia, it is customary to coat Fregola with tomato or white, fish-based sauces. It can also be cooked with broth, like a risotto, or used in soups.

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The Artisan's Way--Italian cuisine is more than just ingredients; it represents a country and a way of life. It is the climate, the age-old traditions and the attitude towards life that have defined the most celebrated food in the world. True Italian cuisine can be imitated, but it cannot be reproduced anywhere else but in Italy, where it is the result of a unique land and know-how. Favuzzi invites you to explore the rich and delicious heritage of Italian flavors that are truly Italian. Drawing on centuries of olive growing expertise, the Favuzzi family passionately promotes the heritage of Italy by offering its flavors to all, enhanced with talent by carefully selected artisans.