Groundwork Brazil Single Origin Coffee

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This earthy Brazil has a syrupy creamy body and complex finish. Passed down through generations, the Dutra family has two farms, Santa Helena and Agua Limpa. Through years of hard work they have come to produce some of the best coffees in Brazil. The farms are examples of sustainable production with the rainforest alliance, UTC, 4C, BSCA, and organic certifications.

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About Groundwork Coffee Roasters

In 1990 Groundwork opened its doors in Venice Beach, CA with a small-batch roaster and a big mission: to source and share the very best organic coffee we could find. Demand grew quickly, and we started roasting coffee 24/7 out of our tiny café on Rose Avenue to keep up. Now, nearly 30 years later we have a growing line of cold brew coffee, 12oz bags, 1lb cans, 2lb and 5lb whole bean options, and two very busy roasting facilities in Los Angeles and Portland. Our sustainable, relationship-based, organic coffee sourcing continues to set an industry standard, as does our solar-powered, low-emissions roasting technology. Being Organic is at the core of who we are. Not only does Organic benefit the end consumer, but it poses an enormous advantage for our growing partners at origin. By removing all pesticides from the growing process, the growers and their families will have cleaner water, better health, and improved working environments. We deeply value our partnerships at origin and are participating in various environmental/sustainability projects around the world to continuously improve the lives of the farmers and their families.