Holy Chocolate Single Serving Hot Chocolate Packet - European

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Strong dark chocolate with an exotic blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, and six other spices which serve to unlock the hidden flavors of the cocoa. This is a good choice for the serious chocolate gourmand. Mildly sweet. Dark, but not intense. Earthy and citrusy. Balanced and profound in flavor. Like a 72% dark chocolate with old world spices

Instant hot chocolate made with real cocoa, whole milk powder, and spices. No creamers. Just add water to get a true chocolate. 

The hot chocolate packet is more than a packet. It's a greeting card with hot chocolate inside. Inside each packet is a psalm from the book of Psalms.

About Holy Chocolate

While pastoring, I served the chocolate to my very small congregation one day after the Sunday service and everyone really loved it. Later that week a few ladies came by for "counseling." But they didn't want any counseling, they just wanted some more chocolate! Finally, there was an economic downturn and some people lost their jobs and were moving away from our tiny congregation. Searching for answers to face the challenge, a lady proclaimed, "Sell the chocolate!" And, in 2003, that was how it all began.

-Father Stan, Founder