Party Wave Light Lager, Headlands (single)

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“Craft” Light Lager? Hell yeah! Party Wave Light Lager will make you forget what you thought you knew about light beer. Packing in top-notch pilsner malt, flaked rice and a light hop kick, this crisp, crushable beer = California beach vibes all year long.

4.2% ABV|14 IBUs
Malt: Pilsner, Flaked Rice
Hops: Columbus

About the Brewery

Headlands’ journey began when two home brewers met on a boat headed to the Farrallon Islands with a plan to swim the treacherous 30 miles back to the Point Bonita lighthouse. Naturally, these two maniacs became friends.

When they decided to join forces on a brewery, they wanted the beer to honor the unique rugged glory of the region. Beer that would feel like a well-earned reward, no matter the challenge of the day. Beer that gives you that "wow, I didn't get eaten by sharks today" feeling…

Their inaugural creation, Point Bonita, continues to reign as our flagship brew, adorned with numerous awards. We’re now proudly rooted in the East Bay, but our core philosophy remains unchanged.