Rioja La Mateo 2022, Bodegas d. Mateos

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This Rioja is made from 100% Tempranillo, omitting the often blended Garnacha, which results in a somewhat more leathery wine that is higher in acid. The vines are on average 45 years old, and the maturity of the vines provides a depth of flavor that is downright delicious. There is a wonderful balance of fruit and savory notes, combined with a dusty texture, and a nice long finish. Excellent with a variety of foods, but probably best with some lamb sausage!

About the Winery

On the slopes of Mount Yerga, a small vineyard began in 1886 that would bear fruit more than 100 years later in all the hectares of Bodegas d. Mateos. With the essence of that entrepreneurial foray into wine, they have designed a winery that encourages emotions through their wines to ensure that their legacy reaches our palates with several lines of wines with different essences.

With excellence as a principle, they care for all of their owned vineyards, divided into four estates with a well-defined character with which they achieve a unique level of  originality for their wines.