Séka Hills Taggiasca EVOO 2022

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2022 harvest. These estate olives were harvested and delivered immediately to Séka Hills' world-class Alpha Laval Mill. The Taggiasca olive hails from Liguria and is known for its fruity nature and as the key ingredient in pesto. This harmonious, elegant oil boasts fruity aromas of green and ripe olives and a hint of cinnamon with solid structure, pungency and bitterness.

• It enhances main courses and robust vegetables

• Drizzle over citrus salads

• Try it with meat-based pasta sauces, and don’t forget to make pesto!


Olive variety: Taggiasca

Intensity: medium

Flavor: green and ripe olives and a hint of cinnamon and nuances of mint and black pepper

Harvest date: October/November 2022

Region: Capay valley

Grown, milled and bottled: Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation

About Seka Hills


As the historical inhabitants of California’s Capay Valley, our homeland is at the heart of our culture and heritage. Our long term view towards stewardship and environmental sustainability reflects a sacred commitment to this land and to the well being of future generations. Today, we are proud to share the bounty of the Capay Valley through our estate grown wines and extra virgin olive oils. With over 24,000 acres in production, Yocha Dehe owns one of the most diverse farming operations in Yolo County and is one of the few tribes with expanding agriculture in California. Of the 3,000 acres currently being farmed, 250 acres are certified organic, and more than 1,200 acres of the Tribe’s land are in permanent conservation easements. Our Tribe takes great pride in managing and cultivating more than 16 different crops and using best practices for sustainable farming. Natural systems include the use of beneficial insects, cover crops, mulching, drip systems and careful crop rotation cycles. In partnership with Cache Creek Conservancy and the US Fish and Wildlife Service, the Tribe is also removing invasive species that displace wildlife-friendly plants and increase erosion and flooding in the Capay Valley.