This Beer Creates Opportunity, Dokkaebier (4pk)

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A golden colored pale ale with a light refreshing bitterness paired with a subtle amount of dry hop using Mosaic and Idaho 7, and then a generous helping of calamansi, an Asian citrus similar to a lemon. All of this has created an easy to drink beer with a dose of citrus just in time for summer.

Proceeds from sales of this beer go towards a scholarship fund to benefit DEI access to UC Davis' coveted brewing school.

About the Brewery

We take our name from dokkaebi (도깨비), the mysterious, shape-shifting creatures found throughout Korean folklore. Described as playful and mischievous spirits, the dokkaebi loves to eat, drink, and be in the company of others.

As a lover of good times and good company, our dokkaebis have come with a mission to experiment with beers, especially with their favorite ingredients from all over Asia. Some you may love, some may challenge the palate, but that’s ok! Because Dokkaebier is continuously creating new, fun flavors to keep your taste bud tickled.

We have a steadfast goal to fill glasses, bellies, and spirits, all while bringing the rich flavors of not only Asia, but multiple cultures into craft brews. We want to join the growing push for opening up the craft beer industry to more diversity and inclusion.

It starts with our brewery today, but we aim to expand our capabilities beyond craft beer. Although the name feels foreign now, we want Dokkaebier to become like a familiar old friend synonymous to delicious and delightful experiences.

We know the feeling of enjoying a refreshing beer is irreplaceable and we’ve tried to make that experience even better with innovative flavors. Amidst our tough start at the break of COVID-19 in Feburary 2020, we’ve been getting great buzz and our Dokkaebier family is growing every day, thanks to you, our faithful customers.

Our team is always excited to show you what’s next and what’s new. And we’re always listening, so please send us any feedback or suggestions for future flavors. Keep an eye on this space and follow us on social media @dokkaebier so you never miss a drop!