Volo 62% Dark Milk Olive Oil + Almond

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Enjoy the rich flavor of Dark Chocolate and Roasted Almonds, smoothed by Caramelized Milk and Brown Butter. 

California Almonds, roasted in organic extra virgin olive oil, provide a crunchy, nutty finish. Complex with great depth of flavor.  ​

Cacao beans from Haiti are carefully roasted to bring out their rich flavors. They are refined with Caramelized Milk, Browned Butter, Organic Unrefined Sugar, roasted Almonds, and a pinch of Sea Salt, then molded into 2.0 ounce bars.

2022 Academy of Chocolate - GOLD Award

Each flavor is uniquely packaged; the artwork on the labels are photographs of quilts made by Cathy Shanahan, a renowned textile artist.

About Volo Chocolate

While living & working as married chefs in Mexico, we fell in love with the flavors and soul of traditional, small batch Mexican Chocolate. We spent many hours experimenting with and transforming Mexican Cacao/Cocoa Beans into our version of artisan chocolate. We combined traditional style with modern technique to create a 'Bean to Bar' chocolate that is truly unique in the world of craft chocolate. Once we returned home to Sonoma County we founded Volo Chocolate with the premise of sourcing the highest quality cocoa beans to make delicious dark chocolate that is flavorful and balanced with a creaminess not usually found in today's craft chocolate. Volo Chocolate has received numerous domestic and international awards for our bars. Listed in '10 Best' chocolate makers in the US by USA Today.