Zini 2022, Weingut Ziniel (1L)

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This incredibly unique blend of two white grapes, Sauvignon Blanc and Muscateller  (both with extended skin contact), and one red grape, Zweigelt, is a very approachable introduction to low-intervention (aka "natural") wine. And coming in a liter-size bottle, it offers a great value! The Sauvignon Blanc definitely comes through on the nose and will compel you to take some nice deep breaths over and over. An intriguing combination of berries and apple pie provides mouthwatering texture, and the finish is oh so refreshing!

About the Winery

Andreas Ziniel is one of the most exciting young additions to the Austrian natural wine scene! Based in the south eastern part of Burgenland, right at the border of Hungary.

It’s surprisingly hotter in this part of the country next to the Zicksee lake, compared to the slighter cooler areas by the larger, and more well known Lake Neusiedel. There are, however, Alpine winds that help, and Andreas manages to keep his wines very fresh, light, and often dangerously drinkable!

Having inherited the winery after studying viticulture and then working with various wineries in South Africa, Germany, and Switzerland, Andreas Ziniel (or 'Zini' as his friends call him) is very focused on the soil health of his vineyards.

His land is known to have a saline aspect included in its calcareous and gravel forms. Andreas farms 15 hectares of vines, and is dedicated to maintaining the soil health for future generations, which is especially poignant as the region has been known to really ruin the soil with chemical products.

Andreas Ziniel has also collaborated with other winemakers, like Jas Swan of Katla Wines, for the wine Fira.

Andreas Ziniel grows Sylvaner, Zweigelt, Welschriesling, Pinot Blanc, Muscat, Chardonnay, and St. Laurent, and his main plots of interest are called Heulage, Johannishöhe and Hutweide.

In the cellar, Andreas Ziniel is dedicated to low intervention winemaking and focuses on shorter maceration periods to maintain freshness and drinkability. He ages most of his whites in stainless steel tanks, and his reds in large old Foudre wooden barrels, but also uses smaller barrique barrels, concrete vats, ceramic barrels, and amphora.