Morelli Garlic & Basil Linguine

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Handmade Italian pasta from Tuscany. Made with durum wheat semolina (including the wheat germ which naturally contains vitamin a, d, e, and vegetable protein). Made from all-natural ingredients, no GMO.

Unique flavor, and absorbs sauces well to give a more succulent and full-bodied flavor to your cooking.

Healthy - high in protein, making this heirloom pasta from Italy a great way to get more protein into your day and stay full for a longer.

Versatile pasta - used in classic Italian dishes with a touch of olive oil, or in more complex meals with red sauces. Pairs well with: seafood, meats, and vegetables.

Made in Italy - authentic linguine noodles made in the ancient Morelli pasta factory since 1860.


About Morelli Pasta

Morelli has been creating gourmet Italian pasta in Tuscany since 1860 and is a family-run company with the 5th generation currently preserving the traditions their ancestors put into place. They utilize an artisanal method of reincorporating wheat germ into semolina to create their pasta with a unique taste and the aroma of wheat. Their pasta also has a high level of Vitamin A and D due to their unusual ingredients. Morelli offers classic and traditional types of pasta such as Tacconi, Pici di Siena, and Tagliatelle.