Cesanese 2021, Casale del Giglio

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There's a famous pasta sauce in Rome called "all'Amatriciana," and it's a quick pan sauce that includes tomato, chili flake, black pepper, and guanciale (salt-cured pork jowl). It's a simple sauce, with just enough heat from the chili, a little musky spice from the pepper, and bright tomato flavor that balances the porky richness. Are you salivating yet...? Well, imagine that dish, but in wine form, and you have Cesanese. In Italy, the traditional pairing for that bowl of pasta is indeed this exact wine, and when you crack open a bottle you can see why—the wine tastes a lot like the sauce!

It's bright, but instead of tomatoey brightness, there's blueish fruit lifted by a citrusy zip. It's complex, with a little leather and sheet metal lurking behind vegetal pepper notes. Just like a good bowl of noodles, this wine will keep you coming back for more, over and over again!

About the Winery

For over 100 years now the ‘mavericks’ behind the one-of-a-kind wines of Casale del Giglio have been doing their thing which tends to differ from most, if not all of the wine growers around them. Located in the unique micro-climate of the Agro Pontino Valley in Lazio (about 30 miles south of Rome) where they’re as interested in the local indigenous varietals such as Bellone & Cesanese as they are Petit Verdot, Viognier & Petit Manseng. Most of their vineyards contain alluvial soils laden with ancient organic matter, while others contain decarbonated soils rich in iron & oxides. Uncommon blending of varietals & judicious usage of barriques add to the mystique behind this
winery and their heady wines.