Champagne Inspiration 1818 NV, Charles le Bel

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Every year, Billecart-Salmon vinifies base wines from a greater number of parcels than it needs to produce its main cuvées. The tasting Committee tastes each of these base wines and selects only the ones that match the standard and the style of Billecart-Salmon. Some of the wines that are not selected are bottled to be part of a second wine from the House, Inspiration 1818.

Blend composed of Chardonnay 37%, Pinot Meunier 30%, Pinot Nair 33%. The final wine is composed of 70% Reserve wine, with a 9g/l Dosage.

Sparkling and crystalline appearance with fine and plentiful bubbles. A blooming nose with harmonious notes of butter, white flesh fruits as well as Mirabelle plums and dried fruits. Well-balanced on the palate, structured thanks to the greatness of the Pinots Noirs, with flavors of white flesh fruits. The Chardonnay brings to this wine a refreshing finish with notes of citrus fruits and pepper.

About the Winery

In 1818, Nicolas François Billecart and his wife Elisabeth Salmon, a couple in love with the same terroir. At their side was Louis Salmon, Elisabeth’s brother and a passionate oenologist who, from the very beginning, dedicated himself to the development of the wines. In the village of Mareuil-sur-Aÿ, near Epernay, they decided to establish their own Champagne House. Since then, the Billecart family has remained faithful to Mareuil-sur-Aÿ and today, the seventh generation of the family is in charge of the House.

The family has carried on the passion and the myth over the generations. Today, Mathieu Roland-Billecart, the 7th generation of the family, head the House with Antoine, Deputy General Manager in charge of export, with the support of Jean and François Roland-Billecart. Alexandre Bader, managing director, has been working with the Family for more than 25 years. Together, they uphold the House’s values and its philosophy throughout the world.

Denis Blée, director of the vineyard and wines, for the last twenty years responsible for the Clos Saint-Hilaire and the oak Chai. From the pruning to the harvest, he rigorously surveys each parcel of the vineyard and ensures the maturing of the wines in the oak casks. After 33 years working at Billecart-Salmon, François Domi has this year handed over the baton to Florent Nys as Chief Winemaker for Champagne Billecart-Salmon. Florent, who has been working as an apprentice under the watchful eye of François since 2005, is now ready to take over the reins.