Dick Taylor Chocolate Coated Cherries

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Layer upon layer of award-winning 65% Belize Dark Chocolate is heaped over organic dried tart cherries grown in Michigan using a traditional coating pan. Chosen for their complex flavor, these tart cherries are both sweet and sour lending balancing notes to the rich and earthy dark chocolate and finished with a layer of cocoa powder.

About Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate

Deeply rooted in a background of woodworking and boat building, we have always loved working with our hands. The concept of craft has been a guiding principle in our lives. We became fascinated with a new challenge and loved the idea of reinventing the chocolate experience. In 2010 we bought some small-scale equipment and began making chocolate from the bean. We use organic cacao and organic cane sugar in our chocolate. We hope you will get as much enjoyment as eating our chocolate as we do making it.