Jamaica Apple Cider, Golden State Cider (4pk)

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Jamaica is made with 100% fresh pressed apples and Champagne yeast. Natural Hibiscus flowers provide tropical, fragrant aromas and tart berry flavors to this crushable pink cider. Try pairing with Carnitas Tacos, Ceviche, or Chile Relleno!

About the Cidery

Golden State Cider was founded on Devoto Orchards in Sebastopol, California in 2012. The dry farmed, heirloom apples being grown were already being sold at local farmers markets, and cider provided a new way for buyers to enjoy them. Their first ciders were made from 100% fresh-pressed juice, celebrating the terroir and elevating apples as a fruit. As they’ve grown, these principles continue to lead the way. 

Golden State Cider's goal is to keep apple trees in the ground, and with that came the idea to produce high-quality craft cider that highlights the regions where the apples are from. They celebrate the rich heritage and apple diversity across the west coast by continuing to use 100% fresh pressed west coast apple juice.

To fulfill their mission, Golden State Cider plans to grow as California's largest apple purchaser in the category. They plan to continue to collaborate with generation-old apple orchards and farmers from premier growing regions throughout the state to create authentic orchard-to-can experiences that pay homage to the unique terroir and apple varietals of each specific orchard.