Kölsch Style Lager, Seismic (4pk)

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Rooted in the history of Köln (Cologne), Germany, Kölsch is an old-world beer style known for its subtly understated flavors of malt and fruit. Seismic enhances this delicate, yet delicious, flavor profile with floral hop nobility and a distinct San Francisco sourdough character to create an homage to the traditional Kölsch beer with a modern twist.

Hops: Hallertau Blanc
Malts: Bohemian pilsner & admiral chit
Yeast: Magnitude organic German bock

About the Brewery

Founded in 2017 in Santa Rosa, California, Seismic Brewing is at the forefront of sustainability in the beer industry.

By combining an in-depth water sub-metering program, industry best practices, and onsite wastewater reclamation tech, Seismic has driven their water used-to-beer produced ratio to an industry-leading 3:1 vs. an industry standard of approximately 8:1. While they are very proud of this achievement, they are not stopping there and have set the goal to hit an unprecedented 2:1 water:beer ratio!

By sourcing all the malted grains used in several of their beers from within California, Seismic is significantly reducing the carbon footprint of those beers. Through sustainable and organic farming techniques, fewer miles traveled with lower fuel consumption, while also helping to bolster the local and state economy at large, Seismic Brewing is one of the most efficient breweries in California.

Seismic purchases 100% of the brewery’s energy needs from Sonoma Clean Power Evergreen initiative, which feeds 100% local and renewable geothermal and solar energy into the local power grid. Their taproom is powered by a mix of onsite solar and locally-generated electricity and is currently pursuing LEED certification.