La Tourangelle Pecan Oil

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If you are in search of a rich and aromatic addition to add flavor to your dishes, enhance the texture of your cuisine and tempt your taste buds, you will love the full-bodied flavor, versatility, and variety of cooking options La Tourangelle's Roasted Pecan Oil offers you in the kitchen. With a luscious texture, a buttery taste, and the ability to be incorporated into almost any dish, our pecan finishing oil is the perfect ingredient to make your culinary creations as delicious and sophisticated as you dream.



About La Tourangelle

At La Tourangelle we are passionate about making high quality ingredients that are good for the table, community and planet. Through regenerative farming, artisan production methods and nature friendly packaging we want to empower people to cook like they care. Our natural products are crafted locally in California and France using traditional practices. From sourcing the best quality ingredients to small batch production, our products are rooted in artisan know-how. We believe in making products that are authentic, delicious and sustainable, and in by doing so we can spread joy and well-being through food.