Little Woods Luna Herbal Tisane

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Soothing to your core, this naturally caffeine free blend is the perfect evening brew during times of stress and overwhelm.

Ingredients: green rooibos, linden, lemon peel, eleuthero, marshmallow, ginger root, anise seed, rose petals red, spearmint, lavender

Package Specifications: 2oz of loose leaf tea blend, makes approximately 12-15 cups of tea.

100% recyclable packaging 


About Little Woods Herbs & Teas

Founded in 2013 by Kristin M Roach and Jason Shaw, Little Woods Herbal has grown from a small farmer's market stand to a brick and mortar artisan tea & spice shop in the heart of Iowa. We are a minority/woman owned business focused on community partnerships, conservation, and sustainable practices. We specialize in our own unique botanical blends that bring herbalist traditions to the home through tea and culinary spices. Using whole botanical ingredients without the use of any fillers, flavors, or additives we create the freshest, tastiest blends you can find outside your own garden. We are excited to embark on a new adventure and bring our artisan tea and spice blends to independent boutiques and cafes beyond our local region and partner with new communities.