Mavuno Harvest Papaya

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Discover a taste of paradise with Mavuno Harvest Organic Dried Papaya. The journey starts in lush orchards, handpicking the ripest papayas. Their natural sweetness and nutrients are preserved through a special drying process, no additives or preservatives. Savor the succulent flavor and delightful chewiness with every bite. Perfect for on-the-go snacking or enhancing your favorite dishes. Plus, every bag supports small-scale farmers, promoting sustainability.

About Mavuno Harvest Organics

Founded by a Peace Corps volunteer, Mavuno Harvest helps small global farming communities prosper, and introduce natural and organic dried fruit to markets worldwide. During peak season, fruit supplies meet demand and prices drop very low. On average, farmers only sell up to a third of their harvest; leaving the vast majority of fruit unsold or left behind to rot. Mavuno Harvest works with local fruit drying facilities in Africa and South Asia to purchase the remaining harvest. Drying fruit opens new markets, creates jobs for the local community, and extends the life and prosperity of the food supply. Mavuno Harvest increases the value of fruit products by opening new markets. Nutritious dried fruits like mango, banana, pineapple, jackfruit and papaya are grown organically and produced without added sugar or preservatives. Our snacks are perfect for back to school or with your morning coffee. Get ready this fall for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas with these delicious and healthy snacks. And don't forget to try our new dark-chocolate dipped products! Ethically sourced. Naturally delicious. Making a difference with every bite.