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Deepika Phakke is the force behind Nama Water, serving as its Founder and CEO. Her journey started in India, where she experienced firsthand the harsh reality of water scarcity, leaving an indelible mark on her consciousness. Witnessing its profound impact on our daily lives, Deepika became acutely aware of the invaluable nature of water and the necessity to treat it with utmost respect.

Driven by an unwavering passion for sustainable living and minimizing waste, Deepika found herself connecting the dots during the pandemic, wanting to do something about the pressing crisis of plastic bottled water that permeates our world. Now, more than ever, it is imperative that we revive our old school values of respect and consciousness as we reevaluate our everyday choices.

With this conviction, in Aug 2022 she took the momentous step of leaving her job at Google to devote herself to Nama Water. Her ultimate goal is to empower us to align our actions with our values, so we can channel our energy into making every single day count.

Nama Water is passionate about providing ethically sourced spring water that respects both people and the Earth. Their sustainably packaged bottled water is designed for reusability and recyclability, allowing you to hydrate responsibly without compromising convenience.