Proyecto Diaz Coffee - El Corazon

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12 oz bag, whole beans

Golden Bean Bronze Award Winner, 2019

REGION: Honduras, Colombia, Ethiopia

TYPE: Blend

PROCESS: Washed and Natural

NOTES: Chocolate Malt, Oak, Berries

ROAST: Medium-Dark

“El Corazon” means “The Heart.” We think that hearts should be bold, sweet and passionate. So here’s our advice—throw your heart into everything you do, and do everything caffeinated. This blend has the fruity sweetness of dark chocolate as well as a hint of berries from the natural Ethiopia. The other two components, Colombia and Honduras, allow for mellow caramels and a heavy backbone to carry the delicious cup through to finish. El Corazon is great for any filter format or espresso. Its multi-regional components make for a sweet and defined coffee that allows it to sit well on its own or with some milk.


About Proyecto Diaz Coffee

We're a specialty coffee roasting company based out of the beautiful SF Bay Area. We're rooted in coffee. The Diaz family has been growing coffee for over 100 years and now we roast coffee to keep our legacy and the legacy of other farmer's alive as well. Our mission is to rebuild and revitalize both farms and legacies by roasting delicious coffee and giving back. We give back 10% of our net profits to rebuilding + revitalizing efforts at our project farm - El Carmen. We're a family led team with husband and wife duo Fernando Diaz + Hannah-Love Diaz leading the charge. Our head roaster is Genaro Diaz, father of Fernando Diaz. Coffee is personal.