Renewal Mill Vanilla Cake & Cupcake Mix

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Soft, moist, and brimming with vanilla flavor, this is the perfect vanilla cake for any occasion. It's made even more perfect with the addition of Perfect Day's egg replacer, an animal-free substitute that has all the power of eggs for baking but is kinder to our planet.

*Animal-free *Gluten-free

Simple to make - just add oil & water

Upcycled (made with okara flour). By choosing upcycled, you’re reducing global food waste and saving valuable natural resources. So whip up some delicious cake & take a stand against climate change.

About Renewal Mill

Renewal Mill is a next-generation ingredients company that’s fighting climate change by finding value in the overlooked and transforming it into a unique portfolio of nutritious upcycled ingredients & delicious plant-based foods. Did you know that reducing food waste is the #1 thing we can do to stop climate change? Neither did we. Claire Schlemme (CEO) first came face-to-face with food waste when she founded Boston's first organic juice company and was appalled at all the nutritious pulp that went unused. So, she joined forces with her co-founder Caroline (COO) and set out on mission to revolutionize the food system by using 100% of the food we produce. We call it upcycling! Our first ingredient is okara, a high fiber, gluten-free flour made from the nutrient-rich soybean pulp strained from soymilk. Okara (oh-kar-ah) is a traditional East Asian superfood that’s been used for centuries in countries like Japan! Our okara flour has 40% of the carbon footprint of wheat flour and a fraction of the carbs! We offer pure okara flour, 1-to-1 gluten-free baking flour, dark chocolate brownie mix, and okara chocolate chip cookies. All of our products are 100% vegan. It's sustainable baking at it's finest! Renewal Mill is proud to be a woman-owned, Oakland-based business building a new circular economy of food that’s better for people and the planet we love!