Sekt Sparkling Riesling "Dr.L" NV, Loosen Bros

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Dr. L Sparkling Riesling is 100% pure Riesling. It is made using the Charmat method, where the second fermentation is done in a pressurized tank to keep the bubbles in the wine. This method produces bright, clean sparkling wines in a more affordable way. A touch of sweetness is left in the wine to balance the naturally brisk acidity. 

Aromatically the wine comes forward with tart, yellow fruit aromas as well as a hint of spring flowers. The bubbles on the palate are almost pétillant, fine and fizzing with flavors of ripened peaches and white chalk.

About the Winery

The Loosen family has been growing Riesling and producing wine in the Mosel valley for over 200 years. The current owner, Ernst “Erni” Loosen, assumed ownership in 1988, embarking on a quest to greatly improve the quality and international reputation of the estate, the Mosel region, and Riesling in general. Today, Erni is one of the most iconic and influential winemakers in the world.

A full range of Riesling styles is produced, following the traditions of both family lines: dry wines from the paternal Loosen side, and Prädikat wines inspired by the maternal branch (the Prüm family).