Small Town Hustle Hazy IPA, Sudwerk (4pk)

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A nod to their local Davis community and small towns everywhere, Sudwerk brewed this in honor of all the unsung heroes that hustle to follow their passion, run small businesses, give back to their communities and are driving forces behind what make their own town unique. The first IPA ever canned by Sudwerk, this juicy, hazy deliciousness showcases their take on the America's most popular beer style.

About the Brewery

​Sudwerk Brewing Co. was founded in 1989 by two German descendants determined to share the high-quality, familiar taste of true German lagers. Since then, they have been relentlessly pushing the boundaries of traditional lager making for 30 years, pioneering the craft beer industry along the way. 

​Sudwerk's beer making processes are rooted in traditional German brewing methods and blended with modern, West Coast craft beer practices. They are not afraid of the time consuming and difficult nature of lagers but instead find it to be an exhilarating challenge. Sudwerk showcases clean, crisp yeast character, powerful flavor-packed hop bombs, and beautiful malt backbones, all on a lager frame. This is not the dull can of lager beer you think you know.