Tsar Nicoulai Golden Reserve Caviar Blister Pack w/Spoon (preorder)

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Size: 0.5 oz (serves 1-2)


Golden Reserve is an exquisite and rare caviar with a medium to large bead, buttery finish and glowing golden hue.

Golden Reserve sits beautifully atop a variety of breads, lightly toasted and buttered. It will make an excellent garnish for cucumber tea sandwiches or a more complex dish of poached lobster on an airy vegetable puree. This caviar deserves all the stops - present it in a special caviar server, even if cleverly keeping it all to yourself.

Tsar Nicoulai is the only ECOCERT eco-certified sturgeon farm in the United States, and their meticulously selected caviar is always packed fresh to order in their East Bay facility. 

Caviar will arrive in a vacuum-sealed jar and has a shelf life of up to three weeks unopened. Once open, enjoy within two days.

To ensure maximum freshness, all caviar orders will be held refrigerated until we hand them to you, packed with an ice pack inside an insulated Doctorbird Market tote.