Zinfandelta 2018, Campos Family Vineyards

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Just take a look at this wine’s funky, playful, ’70s-inspired label and you get the idea that Campos Family Vineyards owners Ric and Michelle wanted to have some fun with this delicate, slightly spicy Zinfandel wine. With its twist-off cap, it can be taken on your boat or out to the campfire for easy drinking while reminiscing about the good old days of peace, love and cool vibes. “We wanted to throw it way back to when life was easier and things were groovy,” Michelle said. “Just laid back, floating on the Delta. We live on the Delta, and the Delta is definitely in our heart, in our blood, and so we wanted to honor that with Zinfandelta.”

Contra Costa County, where Campos Family Vineyards is located, is known for its Zinfandel vines, among others. Any fan of a good Zinfandel — and those who might like to try one — will dig Zinfandelta, a gold-medal winner 2018 vintage wine. “What you’re going to pick up with the Zinfandel is the spice,” Ric said. “It’s not a big, bold one like you might get out of the Lodi region. Ours is a little more delicate and easy drinking.”

-from the Campos Family Vineyards website 

About the Winery

Campos Family Vineyards creates exceptional wines that capture the best characteristics of Contra Costa County. The winery’s idyllic location by the California Delta allows them to produce rustic, earthy, and leathery styles of red wine.

Like a family, a vineyard is at its best when firmly rooted, well-tended, and blended with love. With all of the charm of Napa tucked away close to home, Campos Family Vineyards is a hidden gem.